1. Tuyen, 09/16/2014.

  2. Tuyen, 09/16/2014.

  3. Dottie and Ariaan, 09/04/2014.

  4. Dottie, 09/04/2014.

  5. Dottie, a.k.a. Yung Freckle.

  6. Some more shots of Cecilia. It stopped raining, so we switched from an all-leather outfit into some ripped denim jeans.

  7. This is my friend Cecilia. Her father is American and her mother is Italian. She grew up in many different places, has a really unique look and speaks with a London accent. She’s also super stylish and photogenic. I had a lot of fun taking her pictures recently!

  8. Tracey Wong, 08/23/2014.

  9. Tracey Wong, 08/23/2014.

  10. Reign, 08/14/2014.